Best iOS Development Tools

The iOS app market has grown tremendously since it’s inception just a few years ago. Because of the platform’s popularity, there’s a vast amount of resources available for anyone interested in the development process. Whether you need help marketing your iOS app in the App Store or a way to design a beautiful iOS app […]

My Setup

I’m a huge fan of The Setup, a website that interviews people from different fields and asks them what hardware and software they use. I’ve discovered some great tools from reading these interviews so I’ve decided to interview myself and share my setup. Who are you and what do you do? Hi there! My name […]

Keep Your Shit Clean

This post will be the beginning of a technical series that will help “developers” with the basics on keeping their development environments clean and updated. Enjoy! Oh those in-person technical interviews. Gotta love them. You walk in, you’re greeted and it seems each founder tells the same old story about a dream to solve a […]

A Front End Engineer’s Manifesto

Most importantly and above all, I will put the needs of the user first! Over my own needs as a developer. Progressive enhancement and unobtrusive JavaScript are my tools. Without JavaScript or CSS, or without mobile Webkit, my site may not look pretty but will still be functional. Simplicity is respect. I will not unnecessarily […]