The Sad State of Web Development

Disclaimer: The following was originally published on Medium by Drew, but was taken down due to some “entitled web developers” getting their feelings hurt. Whether you agree with Drew views or not, I believe he has a valid point on the current state of web development, I even wrote about the same issue (Web Development: […]

How to Validate Your Version of Xcode

About two months ago Apple removed several apps from the App Store that were built with a counterfeit version of Xcode, which according to Apple those apps had the potential to cause harm to customers. Apple has always suggested to download Xcode directly from the Mac App Store, or from the Apple Developer website, and […]

NPM Housekeeping

Just a quick few tips on how to do a ‘proper housekeeping’ routine within npm. These tips eases staying up-to-date with your favorite packages, and at times reclaims disk space; and generally keeps your system tidy. As of July 21st, 2017 this guide is deprecated. Note: I’m using OS X as my dev environment. Before […]