Hi there and welcome to my blog! 2015 for me will be a bit different, it will be the first year that I will write blogs. Yes, I have written blogs before for clients or agencies that I’ve worked for, but this will be the first time that I will write with an open mic.

You can say that writing is not a thing of mine, but after reading a blog titled “software engineers should write” it got me thinking and I agreed with the author. You see developers spend countless hours writing or modifying code, why not write about the journey or the frustrations of a project that can help someone else see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have saved countless of work hours due to reading amazing blog posts of developers who have shared their journey in writing code for apps or the web. I have also found amazing apps or services that are my daily drivers by reading these blogs.

My intention with all future blog posts is to “pay it forward”, ha. I will share marketing tips that I have acquired, the tips will be for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), local citation building (Google+ Local, Bing Places, Yelp, etc.), and web development. Hopefully these tips will help your website or local business rank well in organic searches.

Lastly, why did I name my blog “OceanLab”? It’s easy. I love the ocean! Hearing the waves crash on shore it’s soothing for me, maybe writing a couple of blog posts per week will also become soothing. OceanLab is also the name of my favorite electronic music group now called Above and Beyond.