Is macOS Still Web Developer Friendly?

For years the defacto operating system for web development has been macOS, the craftsmanship of apps and support from the developer community turned hardcore linux developers into macOS users. However, with the current release of High Sierra I have to admit; the state of macOS is not where it used to be. Note: Updated on January […]

Updating All Python Packages in Pip2

I’m the type of developer who obsesses in keeping my dev-environment up-to-date, this includes all dependency packages. I’m an avid user of Homebrew and with the latest core update, and also, with the release of pip2. I ran into the following issue while trying to update my pip packages: Before I move forward, I previously […]

Miles Dyson, Ethics and Skynet

Most of the time, a person’s role model or hero from a movie is the main character, and sometimes it is the villain (cough, cough; Darth Vader). My hero happens to be Miles Bennett Dyson from Terminator 2: Judgement Day, heres why. Note: Updated on August 07th, 2017 In light of the “Google Bro” controversy; […]

Hire Me

So, here’s the deal. I have a fantastic job. It is incredibly unlikely that you have a job offer that I would seriously consider. But, it’s possible that you do. Here’s what it would have to have: Security For me, the most important aspect of any job is that of job security. Pacific Stone Design, […]